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100-Student Science Project at Dallas Academy

In October 2018, Dallas Academy was awarded a $30,000 Constellation E2 Energy to Educate grant. The grant program inspires students to think differently about energy through a semester-long science project involving 100 students. Led by science teacher Darren Carollo (right), the grant-funded project involves 100 students building a Zero-Carbon Model Home that includes smart glass, solar panels, wind turbines, a green roof and other systems to ensure the house uses less energy than it generates.

In May 2019, Dallas Academy will host an all-school and public event to present the model zero-carbon home, explain how each aspect of the home operates, and announce the winner of the at-home Energy Conservation Challenge, a school-wide challenge to conserve energy at home.

Dallas Academy is a co-education school for students in 1-12th grade for students who have a diagnosed learning disability. Our students learn best from hands-on activities. Our Zero-Carbon Model Home Project is led by our high school students who will learn about and install each aspect of the home while learning the practical steps they can take at home to conserve energy. As they learn about each energy conservation aspect, they will be encouraged to manage and use energy at home.

Sensory-Friendly Initiative at Dallas Children's Theater

Through grants from the Doris Duke Foundation, Theater Commuications Group, and Crystal Charity Ball, Dallas Children's Theater has partnered with children’s theaters in Nashville and Orlando, along with North Texas experts in the fields of autism and developmental disabilities, to develop an inclusive, responsive, and welcoming program for children with with developmental disabilities.

Over the past five years, Dallas Children’s Theater has provided adapted theater experiences to more than 9,000 children and families with autism and others who need a more relaxed, comforting environment. Each year, the initiative meets or exceeds its goals and objectives for children's comfort during the performance, children interacting with a person they didn't know, and children learning and growing.

The Blue Pegasus Players drama classes offer a specialized class experience for students with sensory processing differences and those who want to learn from and support them. The generous grants allows the program to offer students one-on-one support when needed. The program meets or exceeds goals and objectives, including increased understanding of basic emotions and interaction with others.

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