Environmental Policy
WordSmooth conducts business operations in an environmentally sound manner, making a conscious effort to minimize consumption. 

The main WordSmooth office is located in the owner's home. We conduct business at home offices and remotely whenever possible, saving fossil fuels. 

Additional sustainability efforts include:
  • Mindful use of energy and water.
  • Minimal use of paper, utlilizing electronic research and correspondence whenever possible.
  • Environmentally responsible waste disposal, recycling all recyclables.
We advocate respect for the earth and its people.
  • Consideration of environmental impacts when making purchasing and operating decisions.
  • Commitment to buy and use environmentally sustainable products, including organic and natural foods and other products, as well as products made of reused, recycled, and sustainable materials.
  • Promotion of environmentally sound practices with our consultants and clients.

For more information on going green, please visit our sister website, www.saveandbegreen.com.
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