While ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and many other dimensions of human diversity are often sources of tension, WordSmooth believes that one of the greatest assets of the United States of America is its diversity. 

We hold respect for diversity and inclusion as guiding principles in their own right. We also recognize that valuing diversity and inclusiveness are strategically wise. As the U.S. grows increasingly diverse, organizational success is directly tied to the ability to understand, appreciate and celebrate the richly diverse cultures represented in our country.

Diversity offers multiple perspectives, enhancing the ability to innovate and, therefore, maintain a competitive edge. When individuals feel respected and valued, they are motivated to contribute to their highest potential. Customers form strong bonds with companies that respect and understand them.  

Therefore, WordSmooth is committed to bringing together a diverse group of associates and customers to foster the clearest, most inclusive and effective communications solutions available. Every WordSmooth associate and representative is expected to embrace and actively support diversity and the cultural richness and advantages it provides. Specifically, we will:
  • Promote an inclusive and non-judgmental working environment in which every individual feels respected and valued
  • Approach conflicts with a willingness to listen and gain a deeper understanding
  • Pursue equity and inclusion in our decisions, interactions, policies and practices
  • Proactively seek to increase our network of diverse associates
  • Promote the value of diversity throughout the organization
WordSmooth Diversity Statement
Elements of Diversity Include:
  • Skin Color
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender 
  • Education
  • Age 
  • Sexual orientation
  • Economic background
  • Beliefs/religion
  • Culture
  • Learning style
  • Country of origin
  • Geographic region
  • Physical/mental ability
  • Language
  • Personality
  • Experience
  • Expressiveness
  • Veteran status
  • Weight
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Clear, compelling, culturally competent communications
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